zondag 20 oktober 2013

watch out for the purple nazgül

zo heb ik mijn nieuwste shawl gedoopt.

this is the name of my new shawl

Deep in the stream, beyond the rushes, where icy depths the birdsong hushes 
Beneath the twisting Withywindle I swam alone as long years dwindled. 
„Til in the cool and splashing water he lured and caught the River‟s daughter 
And then he claimed me as his wife, to live with him for all my life. 

He is the Master of the Wood, of Barrow-Wights, of bad and good, 
And I am Mistress of the Weather, and we preserve our world together 
To revel in the rain and sun, to sing in harmony as one, 
To calm your fears with song and laughter, watch over Middle Earth hereafter. 

The plots of Men and Dwarves and Elves are deadly games they play themselves 
For glory, power, and perilous things, for Golden Crowns and Magic Rings. 
Our cares are for the Woods and Water, not for the screaming battle-slaughter. 
Yet still we watch and still we listen while in the dew the leaves still glisten. 

So rest, dear Hobbit, while you may, but when you leave at break of day 
And from safe pathways you must part, take a care to guard your heart 
Lest lust for Evil Rings of Power at journey‟s end your soul devour 
And when you gain what you desire, you lose yourself in Mount Doom‟s fire.

Met dit mooi gedicht start Michel DuNaier haar patroon Goldberry
Doorheen het patroon neemt ze je mee op de trip die de hobbits moesten maken om de ring naar Mount Doom te brengen. 

with this beautiful poems start Michel DuNaier her pattern goldberry.
In this pattern she takes you on the trip the hobbits made to bring the ring to Mount Doom.

Ik zocht een titel die goed bij mijn kleuren die ik gekozen had zouden passen 
en daarom dus mijn paarse nazgül 

The purple nazgül got his name because I made this shawl with shades of purple.

gehaakt met haaknaald 5 mm en lana grossa inca (3 bolletjes) en rowan alpaca colour. 
Beide 100% alpaca.

crocheted with a 5mm hook and Lana grossa inca (3 skeins) and rowan alpaca colour (1skein). 
Both 100% pure alpaca

super smooshy en zacht,
 het enige nadeel nat alpaca garen verspreid een onaangenaam luchtje ;o)

super smooshy and soft,
the only downside, wet alpaca has a smell! ;o)

Gelukkig is het dan ook terug weg als de sjaal helemaal droog is ^^

luckely the smell is gone when the shawl is dry ^^

Dit gaat waarschijnlijk 1 van mijn kerstcadeautjes worden 

I guess this will be one of my christmas gifts for this year. 

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